2022 Edition

2 – 6 May 2022


Doing Global Gender:
Perspectives on Gender and Re-Globalization


3rd International Globalization Conference

Re-Globalization and Gender are two key concepts in our contemporary world. To understand the interconnection between gender theories and Re-Globalization processes we need a broad inter- and transdisciplinary outlook which connects international and local scientists, thinkers, practitioners, and activists. “Doing Gender” in its re-globalizing dimension means creating a common discourse by contesting gender roles and developing an intertwined view between gender and global economies, societies, and ideologies in flux. International and private power relations need to be questioned to create equal, fair, and inclusive societies. Revisiting conceptions of femininity and masculinity are fundamental in shaping our understanding of gender beyond a binary male-female dimension. The concept of intersectionality of complex global power relations as well as different forms of oppression and discrimination are emphasized thanks to post-colonial perspectives on gender. A post-patriarchal re -orientation of economy and culture as well as the cultivation of a deeper and caring interaction with nature, need to be integral parts of the current, far-reaching re-globalization discourse.

The conference “Doing Global Gender: Perspectives on Gender and Re-Globalization”, organized by the Center for Advanced Studies of Eurac Research, intends to provide a platform in which gender topics are discussed with international experts, such as Judith Butler, Oyeronke Oyewumi, Ina Praetorius, Corey Wrenn and many more. The possible implications for the local level in South Tyrol are analyzed through a “glocal” lens. At the end of the Globalisation Week, local representatives Armin Bernhard, Arianna Miriam Fiumefreddo, Barbara Plagg, Sarah Trevisiol and Julia Unterberger will take part in the debate.

The international conference is the third in a series of conferences on (Re-)Globalization. It will be held as a hybrid webinar series. From May 2nd to May 6th, 2022, two panel discussions and three lunch-time webinars will be organized to look at Re-Globalization from a gender perspective – and vice versa.

You can find the programme and the topics for all five days HERE!