Globalization Conference – Understanding Globalization

Is globalization coming to an end?
How differentiation of knowledge is changing the world

May 27-28, 2024

4th Globalization Conference with international experts such as Manfred Steger, Jennifer Altehenger, Kathleen Schlütter, Manisha Desai, Henning Vöpel and many more.

The 4th edition of the “Understanding Globalization” series, sheds light on the production and dissemination of knowledge in a globalized world. Who produces global knowledge? Who has access to global knowledge? And how is access to knowledge prevented? Substantial changes in geopolitical developments, digitization and technology, including the growing influence of militarization, impact knowledge flows at various levels, and have created a differentiation of knowledge that is changing the world.

Thank you for your participation in Bolzano!

HERE you can find the follow-up report as well as the picture gallery of our 2024 Conference “Is globalization coming to an end? How differentiation of knowledge is changing the world”:


Here you can watch the videos of the 3rd edition on the topic “Doing Global Gender”:


27 – 28 May 2024 – Conference: Is globalization coming to an end?100%


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